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25 Jun 2016

For Beginners: How to Write Great Content That Sells

How to Write Great Content That Sells

“A Professional Writer is an Amateur Who Didn’t Quit” - Richard Bach

Starting off the list of writing tips for non-writers with the quote to boost your morale and eliminating the negatives that were blocking you from writing your content piece. The first tip in the list is the same.

5 Oct 2015

Impossibility Face to Face (Part 2)

Read first part of this write-up here

Level 6

Blind Spot

Excitement ends, failure in the adaptation process destroys a part of your inner strength, nothing motivates you, not even the novelty now. The light at the end of the tunnel diminishes. As a diver or digger, the sunlight goes out of your reach and you head towards the blind spot i.e. downwards, which is the only way forwards now. You had a goal at the starting (which is still there), but now you are headed to the blind spot. You don’t know what’s going to hit you in the face.

Level 7

Pressure Increases, Darker

Now you start feeling the pressure. The darkness plays its game. You are left clueless. You don’t know how deep it is, how far you need to go. It’s only you down there in open dark surrounding. Every inch is darker and puts more pressure. Even if you hate it, the realm altered you in its own way. You are a part of the darkness now. You don’t remember where you have come from.

Level 8

Mind Games

The pressure intensifies, you start hallucinating, become delusional. Now, your mind puts you in dilemma. Should you choose to go back to your comfort zone or proceed to darkness and feel even more pressure? Is it really worth it? What if you reach at the end and lose yourself completely? Would this entire struggling get count? You doubt your choices. The decision of not coming here was correct. Starting from the blind spot till now, you discovered two things, the darkness and pressure. You forget about what was the natal impossible task. You focus only on to cross this stage. All the strength, excitement is consumed to stay on the path till this far. Maybe, now is the right time and last chance to go back. Maybe, you won’t get the second chance to go back. If you don’t go back now, maybe you never will.

Level 9

The Turning Point

At level 8, some decide to return. It’s been so long for them that they haven’t found anything worth coming this far. To not waste more time and end the suffering, it’s better to leave. Why risk everything for something that is still unknown. But, some have nothing to lose. They have come this far for one and one purpose only and i.e. reaching the bed. The excitement wasn’t the reason they started this journey. The positivity wasn’t the reason they started this journey. The comfort zone wasn’t the reason they started this journey. So what if these are not with them now? They cleared those levels only to reach the goal. Only one thing keeps them continue their expedition “Move forward to reach your goal.” Nothing else helps. You go all in. Even those who continue their journey from here don’t know if it is the right decision or not. They simply take a leap of faith.

Level 10


The journey continues with expectation level down to zero. The diver is tired, helpless and right when he realizes that his life will end, but this dive won’t, he feels the touch of the mud. The suspended smoky sand assures the presence of seabed. That’s when he got to know, HE DID IT! He has reached this far, he definitely can go up to the surface. Nothing can stop him now!


There’s mud, mud and mud all the way, he is covered in the mud, tired and helpless. It’s time to test the experience gained from the last 9 steps. The difference in the moisture level of the mud tells that destination is near. Just few more strikes and he feels the droplets and increasing current.
Water from the desert and sand from the sea…?
Wasn’t that easy you see, but you did it

17 Aug 2015

Impossibility Face to Face (Part 1)

If you haven’t done anything that seemed impossible at first glance, then read below to know how it feels. But, if you are a successful doer, then you will find the below scenario correlated.

Did anybody ever say the followings to you?
“This task cannot be done.”
“It is next to impossible.”
“It is as impossible as getting water from the desert and sand from the sea.”

Water from the desert and sand from the sea…? The journey is chopped into 9 levels. Each level has its own difficulty and excitement stages.

Let’s start the digging the sand and diving in the ocean at the same time. Compare these levels with any impossible task you ever did or imagine this from a diver’s or digger’s viewpoint going to the bottom.

Level 1

You are Excited, Enthusiastic

Instigating thoughts of doing something impossible fills you with excitement. The adrenaline does its work. The mind commentary begins! “You are trying something new, going for an adventure”. The brain excites you about what you are going to find out down there. The positive energy kick starts your journey and you feel up and ready for the big run. The ‘Nothing can stop me now’, ‘I will do it’ notions strike your blood current. You are all charged up!

Level 2

Enjoying the Experience

As it is your first attempt, you will enjoy the experience as novelty always surprises. Positive thoughts surround you and you start thinking the half of the job is done. You got a good start. “Well begun, half done.” You are off to the Next Big Thing! This stage passes on quickly.

Level 3

Just Going with the Flow, Trying to Adapt

“When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do”. A diver can only go deep in water if he has the right equipment, which will help him adapt in the ocean’s world. So, after all the excitement and thrill, now your efforts of being adaptable start. You are getting in the swing of the things. The novelty hugs you and to feel the warmth you lose yourself behind and accept the gratitude as this is now the only way if you still want the ‘Enjoying the Experience’ to continue.

Level 4

Graphs Change Patterns

The fun-factor loses its command over you and your real struggle begins. Just like an astronaut, diver, or digger, you don’t feel as you are in your habitat. In the course of adaptation, you have to lose a part of you, otherwise your will be rejected from the path, by the path and your journey will end here. As soon as you lose yourself, you step out of your comfort zone, that’s when things change. The change is discomforting. The discomfort forces you to focus only on the path and the changes in the path. You realize, it’s not a walk in the park now.

Level 5

Excitement Ends, Adaptation Failure

Everything is new to you and it’s likely to fail in the adaptation process in the first attempt. The feeling of failure ends your excitement because you sense that you have been rejected by the domain. You already lost yourself and now rejected by the realm of the impossibility. You forget about the surrounding. Your only focus is now you. How to keep yourself going even after failing in the alteration process? That’s the only way to survive. You are the minute’s hand of the clock and if you want your life clock tick the right time, change your position after every 60 ticks of the second’s hand. That’s how adaption feels.

To be continued...

2 Jun 2015

Use of Complex Words vs. Regular Words

I love sentences written in dramatic way more than the sentences stuffed with complex words. You, on the other hand, may have a different take on it.

Employment of composite synonyms in place of straightforward words sometimes turns the middling reader off. It leaves the writer’s image as a pretentious intellectual in the reader’s mind.


Use of simple and regular words puts the erudite reader off. Straightforward and plain formation bores them. They enjoy the write-ups stuffed with complex words as their vocabulary develops this way and they learn new words.

Giving predilection to difficult nomenclature in your publication polishes it too. It endows a contrast to your write-up.

So, how to balance the average-reader friendliness and the intellectual-reader friendliness in your work?

Are your write-ups only to serve a specific class of people?


You want to reach the masses?

There’s Black Area of intellectual-readers and then there’s White Area of average-readers. It’s your job to find, if not find, then to create Gray Area in it. Because...

If we consider the written pieces with regular words best, then there is no point of working on the vocabulary or having an academic degree in the literary field.


If we consider the written pieces with complex words best, then there is no point of writing for the masses as such pieces serve as a sweet dish to the intellectual-readers, but a bitter one for the average-readers.

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3 May 2015

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